Re: Tesla Quote

	Richard's postings about Tesla echo my own ideas very well.
"Unfortunately his plans kept getting more grandiose and the rich became
wise to his methods and soon realized that others who had funded Tesla
never saw a penny returned.  He was indeed pure genius with great
eccentricities which played well in Victorian times.  But, as people
marched into the 20th century, and became more worldly, such foibles went
from  an accepted part-and-parcel of a gentleman genius to the traits of
a frustrated looney.

Tesla never believed in much of the then developing atomic theory.  He
spurned it to his dying day.  He seemed "out of it" in his later years.
Still, the more I study and learn about the physical goings on of things,
I find his wisdom coming through more and more.  I have learned to never
swallow a scientific theory or the concept of "great genius" as a
mindless icon without a bit of investigation."
	That is not to denegrate his accomplishments at all.  It just
seems to me that in later years he went "way round the bend", at
least in some of his idea.  
	The solid contributions he made in the 19th century are still
paying dividends for us today.  Some of his later ideas seem to have
just faded into oblivion, as they probably should.
Ed Phillips