Re: Singing like a banshee

Greetings All,

I added a LM555 to my solid state circuit - using Rob's circuit.
I found that with the resistor values shown it had a
0 - 10% duty cycle - I replaced the 470k resistor with a 
100k for 0-50%.

What a wonderful noise it made - definately added to the effect.
Of course with the simple 555 circuit pulse width and frequency
are both altered with one control. I found that as I turned up
the frequency slowly friends were waiting for the bang!

I'll build some thing a little more sophisticated to give 
seperate control of frequency and pulse width. 
(I wonder how low I can pull the frequency of a CA3524)
I did consider modulating it with a siren type oscillator or even music - 
(Wagner as it should be heard) it would become a class
class D amplifier driving the air very directly -
the only singing tesla coil in captivity.

And of course now the electronics run almost cold - time to
put up the current. :)

Alan Sharp (UK)