Re: Capacitor oil

 > I'm having trouble getting a straight answer from the "other   
 > list" so I've decided to make an appeal to this "more serious" 
 > list.

 > Are there any oils (other than mineral oil) that are good for  
 > use in caps?

 > How about:
 >             1.  Castor Oil
 >             2.  Paraffin Oil
 >             3.  Vegetable Oil

 > Thanks,

 > Greg Peters.Hi All,

> In addition how about hydraulic fluid? The oils
> should have the water 'baked' out. Has someone
> done this?
> Regards,
> Dave Huffman-at-d0tokensun.fnal.gov

Hydraulic fluid is typically glycol based. The glycols are polar
molecules and as such are not suited for use in this application.
I have experimented on a small scale with silicone hydraulic
fluid and the results with this commercially available specialty
product have looked promising.

Richard Quick

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