Re: Jeff Parisse's Safety Tips

Hi all ,

    How about a word from the man himself on tuning
the big (very big ) system ??

     Perhaps this could be included in some form in a safety F.A.Q. ?

     A quote from his patent of Dec. 1,1914  (acknowledgements to the
bride for typing it for us ) -------

     "The adjustments should be made with particular care when the
transmitter is 
 one of great power, not only on account of economy, but also in order to 
 avoid danger.  I have shown that it is practicable to produce in a
 circuit as E A B B' D immense electrical activities, measured by tens and 
 even hundreds of thousands of horse-power, and in such a case, if the points

 of maximum pressure should be shifted below the terminal D, along coil B, a 
 ball of fire might break out and destroy the support F or anything else in 
 the way.  For the better appreciation of the nature of this danger it should

 be stated, that the destructive action may take place with inconceivable 
 violence.  This will cease to be surprising when it is borne in mind, that 
 the entire energy accumulated in the excited circuit, instead of requiring, 
 as under normal working conditions, one quarter of the period or more for
 transformation from static to kinetic form, may spend itself in an 
 incomparably smaller internval of time, at a rate of many millions of horse 
 power.  The accident is apt to occur when, the transmitting circuit being 
 strongly excited, the impressed oscillations upon it are caused, in any 
 manner more or less sudden, to be more rapid than the free oscillations.  It

 is therefore advisable to begin the adjustments with feeble and somewhat 
 slower impressed oscillations, strengthening and quickening them gradually, 
 until the apparatus has been brought under perfect control."

        One learns the definition of hot by getting burned (a little---
hopefully )
Learning about electric shock = finger in light socket or getting it from a
High Energy Auto Ignition System ====> (knocked on butt )
         I'm not nearly as  concerned about getting Knocked on my Butt ---
as i am with getting up afterwards  :-)  --- I promise ---------------
        I have been there --done that !  (fortunately) !!
Last I heard, the "lethal injection"  level of electrical power was 10
(100 volts -at- 100 mils.for one second) ---- How many people realize that a 100
watt light bulb is 10 times that much power for a given unit time ?
        If i have all my numbers reasonably correct ---- the above 10 watt
computes to 10 watt seconds or 10 joules ---------that is potential death
--right ?
        Contrasting this lethal energy with the energy stored in a .025 Mfd.
charged to say --- 20,000 volts = .5 CV^2 => 5000 jules !--- assume the
is discharged through the body ---Measure the resistance of your body -long
path-(stand on some metal flashing with bare feet,connect your multimeter
lead to it & place the other lead in your mouth )
         I'll do that now for me ----- tween 1 & 2 K --- (depends on if i'm
biting on the gold or not ) :<))      ------- ok -- lets take worst case --1
K. -----
        1 RC time constant = .025 seconds  5 = .125 seconds  Assuming the 
resistance remains constant (it don't ) but if it did --- that's about 50000
watts for a tenth second ------- the body turns into steam,carbon ,salt
-water & fire --- fingers & hands are  blown off by super-heated steam ---
  literal hell-fire ----
        The priority of safety cannot be overlooked ---- 
        I'd like this forum to be available when my kids want to learn 
how to build a Tesla Coil --------- & I'd like to feel they would learn in 
safety -----------------
        I recently directed an individual to one of Mr. Hull's videos --- as
a good
intro on safety & T.C. construction ---- I haven't seen the video myself----
but felt it was a good thing to do --- & I don't feel like I "went out on a
------------- To me --- That's a good feeling ---- 
 Thanks all