Re: Skin Effect & Primary Current?

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> Subject: Skin Effect & Primary Current?
> Gentlemen,
> I recall someone figureing how deep the penetration was of
> the primary current into the conductor. Could someone who
> knows or remembers how to figure it, please tell me.
> Also, how do you figure the optimum tubing diameter to use
> for a given primary LC?
> my new coil will use
> Kevin M.Conkey


Current from a sinusodial current wave will penetrate about 1.0mm into a 
copper conductor in 10us.  Thus, for a 100 khz coil, any copper tubing  
with a wall thickness  of 1mm will be sufficient.  The diameter of the 
tubing is important only for a specific current! a 2mm solid diameter 
wire would carry every bit of energy from a 100khz coil.  The ohmic 
losses would be high though.  Therefore, you need to use a minimum of 1mm 
walled copper tubing with as large a surface area as possible. I used 
5/8" copper tubing on Nemesis at 56Khz and 13,000 watts never warmed it! 
 For 2Kw and under 1/4" copper tubing is OK, 3/8" for up to 5KW is good 
and beyond that 1/2" or large is called for.  The bottm line is use the 
largest tubing possible to reduce losses.

Richard Hull, TCBOR