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 This is true but they are all I've got right now. They are about 10 
 years old but hardly ever used (unused when I bought them). I have 6 and 
 I plan on using them in pairs (.125uf) until they all fail. By then, I 
 will have made enough TC rental income to afford a CP cap.
 > I would think you will need lower values of
 > capacitance like from .025 to .05 mfd
 Right you are Ed! I'm going to pruchase a .05uf CP cap and use it with a 
 larger primary coil.
 The first power-on tests will take place this Sunday July 21st and there 
 will be multiple cameras recording the event.
 ...Jeff >>


Since this is Monday, July 22, your first power on test should be history.
 Hope things went well.   I would be surprised if the system would tune with
.125 mfd of capacitance in the primary.  Maybe with the tap set to use only a
few turns of the primary.  You will get the best performance when the primary
is tapped out near the last couple of turns.  Maybe you should try using two
.125 mfd caps in a balanced tank configuration.  This would give you
effectively .0625 mfds at twice the voltage rating.  The caps would survive
better, less stress, and this value should allow you to use more of the
primary.  Of course, you can also use the size of the torroid to change the
secondary frequency to better utilize the available primary components.

Ed Sonderman