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To Richard Quick

Sorry I forgot about our having met before. I am very interested in why the
JHCTES program did not work with your inputs. I would appriciate your
sending me the input data on one or more of your coils so I can research the
problem. I developed this program as a Tesla coiler's program based on
coiler experience. If the program needs to be changed to meet new coiler
experience, I will change it. 

I would be interested in your test results of some of the program parameters
such as operating frequency, coil inductances, K factors, Q factors, etc.
How were the tests made ? Several methods to make the tests are shown in the
literature including my books. As you know these are difficult tests and few
coilers make them. You obviously have done the necessary coil building and
testing to produce superior coils. I would like to use this information in
the JHCTES program so other coilers can benefit from your experiences.

Thank you for your cooperation,

John Couture