My post on quote


Wow, my Tesla quote with cautions sure brought a fire storm from Fred 
Bach!  I suppose he is even more frustrated than I am with a lot of the 
looneys in this area.  I really believe that this list, thanks to Chip's 
stewardship is realatively free of folks suffering any delusions 
regarding the Tesla coil, specifically.

  It is just a device, a tool and a toy.  It will not do anything 
wonderful beyond produce high potentials at high frequencies, act as a 
source of direct current, and amuse most of us.  I believe this list is 
for the serious and ardent coil builders.  Most of us just derive 
pleasure from the operation of the systems and like to experiment with 
them for interesting effects.  I would imagine very few of us are 
striving for some Teslarian state of nirvana.  I would think most of the 
folks Mr. Bach is refering to and railing against are on "those other 
lists, boards and homepages".  Most of us came here to escape such 
senseless meanderings to which Mr. Bach refers.  The memory of Tesla's 
best achievements is only sullied by the hangers-on, wanna-bes and 
word-salad producers often associated with "tesla technology". 

Richard Hull, TCBOR