Re: Safety FAQ (Electrical Hazards)

Hi Richard and all....

> I wouldn't fiddle with a 2 KW coil on a bet for a demo to a bunch of 
> yahoos!!  Sure they'll get a thrill, but it's your ASS on the line!!  
> Avoid all such risk taking.  Remember, that the old Tesla coil wizard and 
> author, Transtrom was killed doing just such a stunt.  Man I cringe at 
> the though of taking a hit from my little 25 watt system, but will do it 
> for grins.

Hear hear. One idiot here walked straight into a discharge from my 
coil and got the shock of his life. He got an even bigger shock when 
I told him off for attempting to compromise my safety record and then 
booted him out of the workshop. I do CPR refreshers every year or two 
but he's not a person I would relish practicing them on.