Re: Capacitor

Hi Paul,
          I'd like to suggest a little experiment that others may 
care to comment on......

> If anyone would like to sell me a small tuned in coil which they
> have tested and made notes about and that can be shipped fully
> built I would like to just plug it in here, untouched and see the
> differences due only to the atmospheric changes. Mains voltage here
> is U.K. standard 240 volts. I bought the BTC3 from info Unlimited,
> built and tested, and got max 4" arcs after retuning it here.
> Nothing came out at its preset tuning when it arrived. I can only
> assume the tuning changes in the different atmosphere unless Info
> Unlimited are not too good at Tesla Coils. It did look reasonably
> built though.

    This might help determine whether moisture is the problem, at 
least as far as the windings are concerned. Thoroughly wipe it with
a couple of perfectly clean, thoroughly dry cloths immediately before 
firing. I just wish I could be on the spot to sort this one out. If 
you feel so inclined you could mail me off-list with every single 
detail of one of the setups that won't go (I mean EVERY detail 
including exactly what you are using for grounding, how far the coil
is from the ground, sufficient detail for me to replicate the system 
etc.) and I would be happy to throw the book at it.