HV & TC: safety

On Thu, 11 Jul 1996 02:33:41 GMT, jim.fosse-at-bdt-dot-com (Jim Fosse),I

>A couple of months ago I found a plasma research page describing
>neutron and gamma ray generation at energy levels well within TC ouput
>levels. I'll try to find that page again and post it.
Check out:

I tried to copy it, but the Netscape 2 table just skewed across 3
pages and was unintelligible.

here is a short clip of the table:
bank energy /kJ       1.34 40 780 (560)  30 (20)  187 (120) 
bank voltage /kV     20    16 100 (80)  200 (160) 300 (240) 
The net was very slow, I try again tomorrow night.

Notice that they started out with 1340 joules of energy at 20kV for a
plasma pinch thermonuclear reactor!

If WE started with 500kV and 33pF => 4 joules. ;) sheepish grin: I'm
only off by 2 orders of magnitude;( so much for my first impressions.

	1MV -at-  33pF => 16 j
	5MV -at-  33pf =>   .413 kj
     5.13MV -at- 100pf =>  1.34  kj

notice that I've only increased 1 order of magnitude in voltage and a
factor of 3 in capacitance.

Has anyone ever measured the output voltage of their TC? Marx