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Ignitrons/thyratrons may be used in "magnet charger" where a few turns of
wire around a magnetic sample were hit with an extremely high current for a
few milliseconds.  The way the system worked is that a huge capacitor bank
was charged up and then the charge was dumped on the turn or two of wire or
some other conductor (strap) thru the thyratron.  The burst was for a very
short time but it was only necessary to put a pulse of current thru the coil
to magnetize the sample.~

I suspect that a thyratron could be used to pulse the primary of a coil but
it would be pulsed direct-current instead of alternating-current.  No matter,
though, because the flywheel effect in the coil would cause a pulse on the
secondary.  However, the current on the primary would be a pulse flowing only
in one direction even though the flywheel effect would cause a secondary
current to flow through the primary in the opposite direction as the
secondary collapsed.  Could be an interesting experiment, though.~

Enough said. ~

Bob L (KK5R)//~