water heater elements

>What about using water-heater elements?
	Can do, but not magic.

>They're cheap

>and small.
	Ungood.  Small means lousy heat dissipation.  They are designed to
	be permanently surrounded by water.  If run up to full power, with
	no cooling (BIG fan, if tring to 'fake' it) the life time is in
	seconds.  (Brainstrorming mode one....)

		Could mount several in a metal bucket, fill with water.  hmmmmm.

	Oven elements (or stove top elements) are designed to survive in air,
	with no added cooling.  water heater elements are not.

>Do y'all think they would burn up during the short firing-time?
	If run up to full power (full voltage across) they fail in seconds.
	One would have to do out the math.  The concept of several in a bucket