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> 1.      the specifications of the wire for the secondary 
> recommended was "double formvar magnet wire". i have tried 
> several transformer winding companys who have not heard of this
> spec. overhere. The only spec. that seems available is SIMM 200
> grade with an insulation breakdown voltage of 1000volts. The 
> "magnet wire" seems to throw them a bit as well. could anybody
> shed any light on this. 

"Magnet wire" is really just solid copper wire with a thin enamel
insulation. This is typically used to wind motor coils, generator
windings, etc. Do not use wire with opaque, thick, soft plastic

> 2. Unfortunataly modern times and materials has overtaken 
> neon transformers here. 

You may find it possible to use microwave oven transformers wired
in series for a HV supply.

> 3. The wire gauges available here vary slightly from a.w.g. 
> sizes the coil i propose to build will use 22 S.W.G which has 
> an o.d. of 0.028 and using a coil form of 6" by 24" i think i 
> should use around 799 turns giving an unloaded frequency of 
> 196khz using 1346feet of wire. 

Sounds right in the ballpark.

> 4. I have already built a toroid but the dimensions did not 
> come out as expected. i used foam pipe lagging arround a 
> cardboard template and then coated the lot with aluminium tape.
> The final dimensions ended up as 19" x 3". Most other examples
> appear to use a larger diameter ring i.e. 4" plus. to my way of
> thinking the sharper radius will cause breakdown of the air at
> lower voltages so smaller spark. will this torroid be suitable?

Your thinking about breakdown voltages is correct, but this
toroid will work fine to get you going.

BTW, your salt water capacitor idea sounds good too. You are
taking a sound approach to this coil and you should be very
pleased with this project when completed.

Richard Quick

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