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> I have been lurking here on the list for a while and have a 
> question. I hope I don't make instant enemies by asking, but;
> Exactly what is the purpose, or the end result, of building and
> firing a "Tesla" coil? 

Tesla coils are primarily an educational tool. Coiling provides
classic examples of many interesting electrical and magnetic
principals: L/C oscillator design and operation, magnetic field 
coupling, RF transmission line studies, VSWR, RF grounding
techniques, skin effect, HVRF ionization effects, wireless power
transmission, the list goes on.

This does not mean that these are the only reasons we build and
operate coils, but these are some realistic reasons. I have
learned a lot about these subjects in the course of building and
operating coils, while having a ball in the process.

The construction of these systems has also made me one of the
best practical electricians in my area, as well as really honed
up my shop skills. 

My brother builds and flys RC models and restores 1960s era
muscle cars... Like Tesla coiling, these are hobbies.

Richard Quick

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