HV transformers and spark

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Subject: HV transformers and spark gaps

> I have access to an hv broadcast transmitter plate transformer,
> several transformers oou of microwave ovens, and possibly a 
> pole pig or two. Which would you recommend I use and why?

Are you just starting out? If so I would respectfully suggest
that you use a neon power supply until you get your feet wet.
Plate transformers and pole pigs require extensive ballasting/
control circuits before they can be safely operated.

> Are there any drawings or plans available for a good rotary
> spark gap? If so, where could I find them. 

See my Tesla References file for reprints with excellent
drawings/discussions of rotary spark gaps. We also need to
collect some digitized images of some of the gaps used by the

> And last but not least, are the g2, g3, and g4 caps used in the
> output tuning stages of broadcast transmitters suitable for use
> in a TC? 

These are not too bad, though plastic film caps are better. We
prefer a capacitor with a pulse rating.

> How about vacume variable caps?

Typically vacuum variable caps are too small in value, not pulse
rated, and expensive. If you have some atypical caps then you may
find them useful.

Richard Quick

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