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> I have been teaching high school physics for 15 years and I 
> finally broke down and bought a tesla coil from Edmond 
> Scientific.  While I have the theory under control, I would 
> like some ideas for interesting and instructive demonstrations
> for my classes. 

There is a good book on this:

N. Tesla, available from Lindsay Publications, order# 4392, 
$ 9.95. See my Tesla References file for Lindsay's address.
There are also three or four other books listed in the Tesla
References post that include sections on experiments.

> I am also curious about the high frequency sparks.  I 
> understand that they are suposed to be painless but they feel 
> like the sparks from my Van de Graff Machine.

This particular coil is not the best example of a Tesla coil, it
works, but it also has some problems. Try standing on a well
insulated platform, hold a section of copper pipe firmly in your
hands, and bring it gradully to the discharge terminal. You
should not get bit too badly. With the coils that I build and
operate (using a dedicated RF ground for the base of the
secondary) the voltage from the top of the coil is very clean RF.
I can pull several feet of hot spark to a metal rod in the
fashion with only the slightest discomfort.

Richard Quick

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