Tesla Supplies.

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Quoting Gavin Innes <100546.2577-at-compuserve-dot-com>:

> Is it worthwhile to buils a small Tesla coil using an 
> automotive HT coil as the supply?

You can. These are especially good if you are limited to battery
or other low voltage DC power and don't need much in the way of
spark output. I saw an article about a guy who built one of these
type coils in a briefcase and walked around with a plastic coated
fluorescent tube cane! Look no wires!

On the other hand if you want some real spark output you are
going to need a few hundred watts of HV input power fed into a
spark excited tank circuit. For a very small "demo" type coil
producing only a few inches of RF sparks, your idea will work
very well.

Richard Quick

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