Re: Cap Prices

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>The indivdual savings was around $35.00 per capacitor, about
>a 15% savings. On the entire order it saved over $800.00. Also,
>don't forget this was the lowest bid from several manufacturers,
>and that Scott spent his time and money getting and comparing the
>bids, then securing the warrantee papers. All I had to do was say
>"yes" and write a check.
>Richard Quick

Sounds great! Still pondering what values I would like to tell Scott.
Richard, if you are using a balanced circuit(equidrive) what voltage should
the caps have vs the xfmr.Comparing to a given standard setup, in a balanced
circuit, you must use double the capacitance, would you 1/2 the voltage
rating? I am thinking of using xray xfmrs at 50-62KV (run at 1/2 normal
rating) and the cap rating for this situation, weights my final decision.

                                    Kevin M. Conkey