Re: Neon Xfmr Pricing

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>Subject: Re: Neon Xfmr Pricing
>>> ......Today I call up a local Sign Supply store. The have 38 -
> >> count them, 38 - 12KV 120ma's for $94.50 each!
>>Are you sure that they are 120 mA units?  If they are, you have hit the
> >motherload. New 120 mA units cost over $400.
>I'll double check the next time their open. Maybe he quoted a 12 volt 120ma
>lighting wallwart:)
>I sounded good to me. I called an owner of a neon sign shop I know and he
>wanted $30 for a used 15KV 60ma transformer.
>                        jim

I recently picked up 6 15kv 30ma neon's for $50, not  sure when I will
implement them, but I am a hopeless packrat. If you could afford it, I
recommend picking all of them up. Who knows, when you are retired you may
make a tesla coil for all the grandkids!

                                 Kevin M. Conkey