Followup Re: Bad Day -at- Coil Corral....

Improvements have been made over the last two days
with my coil.  Opening the gaps up (5 gaps, 6tubes)
made quite a difference.  The breakout is quite 
energetic but erratic.  More work on the gap system
appears to be where I should be spending some time.
Still running the small (3X20) torroid.  I have a
pretty good understanding of where I am at with this
setup and will go bigger on the torroid when this one
fires smoothly.
I bought 4ga welding cable yesterday and will re-do my
tank wiring again.  That 4ga "house" wire I'm running now
is garbage compared to the construction and flexibility of
the welding cable.  Still trying to find or build a "clip"
of some type for the moveable tap on the primary.  The
battery charger alligator clip I'm using gets HOT.  Thats
probably contributing the the lackluster performance I've
been experiencing recently.