Re: Blown Rolled "Hull" Capacitor Discussion

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>> Quoting Ed Sonderman (Esondrmn-at-aol-dot-com):
>> Re: Capacitor voltage rating
>> > I do think we should add an addendum to the capacitor build
>> > instructions that discusses voltage ratings.  Everytime someone
>> > blows one of these he has just lost $80 to $100 and a lot of
>> > time.  I would like Richard Quick's opinion on this.
>> I have no problem with this at all. Obviously the material is
>> pertinent or we would not be discussing it. ...........
>> Richard Quick
>After listening to this discussion, one thing has crossed my mind.
>Has everyone that has blown these caps used a vacuum pump to remove
>ALL air from between the plates and in the oil?  Also, is everyone
>using transformer oil?  I have heard talk of cleanliness, which is
>indeed important.  But the two point I bring up are also critical.
>For those that have blown the rolled "Hull" capacitors recently, I
>would like to take a survey to see if the above 2 details were
>I have not built a rolled capacitor, only vertical stacked plate.
>I also had problems until I used tranformer oil and used a vacuum
>pump to remove all air.
>Scott Myers


I did not have a vacuum pump so the answer there is no.  I did let them set
for 2 or 3 weeks before I used them.  I also used them in series for a while
before I used one by itself.  I used mineral oil purchased in a 5 gal sealed
container from the local Chevron distributor.

Ed Sonderman