Re: Annoyed Neighbor

In a message dated 96-02-28 15:16:21 EST, you write:

>Well everyone, I've had my first problem with bothering the neighbors
>with radio waves.  I was experimenting with progressively larger and
>larger toroids.  I got to the point where the coil wasn't breaking out
>and was transmitting a large RF field.  The next thing I new I heard my
>neighbor yelling for me between runs.  He's a rather crotchety old guy
>who has no patience for anyone.  He let me know in a not so nice
>fashion that I was disturbing his radio reception.  I don't want to
>cause him any more trouble, so I guess its time to build a Faraday cage.
>I'm off to get some chicken wire.
>Scott Myers


This is sad to hear.  Now you're going to be nervous every time you fire it
up.  How close physically is his house to yours?  Where were you running it,
in the basement, garage or outside?

 I am lucky that I live out in the country.  My closest neighbor is probably
at least 1/3 mile away.  When I was running in the basement with 12kv 120ma
neon power, I did fire it up several times as I was trying out new toroids
with no breakout.  I wonder how far away this will cause interference
problems?  I have got to the point now as I fire up my system with the pole
pig and the 40" toroid that I slowly turn up the variac until the gaps start
firing, then turn it up quickly all the way from there.  This is mostly
because I was having problems with the coil breaking out at the top sometimes
and learned that if I can get the toroid to breakout quickly it seems to fix
that problem.

Now that I have moved everything out into the garage and can only run it
outside, I really do wish I had a metal building to run it in.

Ed Sonderman