Re: Transformers

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>Hello all, I live in Eugene OR (USA) and am wondering where and how to
>obtain a non-shunted HV transformer like a pole-pig. I am interested in
>something in the range of 3 to 5KVA for my T-coil and resonator
>experiments. I just am not sure who to contact, where to look for those
>kind of transformers. I am a amature in high power coiling, but have a
>goal to achieve and know the neons just wont get me there. Many of you
>in this group have done some significant research and legwork and if
>someone could share some expertise and advise with me I would be
>David Trimmell


Contact your local utility company and ask who is responsible for sellling
all their scrap wire and equipment.  Talk to him about a used or refurbished
pole pig.  It worked for me.  You probably want a two bushing, 5kva, 14,400
volt transformer.

Ed Sonderman