Re: Bad Day -at- Coil Corral....

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>I balk at paying new meter prices and after over a year of accumulating
>parts I have yet to find decent meters at what I consider reasonable
>prices.  Bite the bullet for the meter cause is right around the 
>corner. I'm sure that my gaps are the problem at this point.  Getting 
>over 2' of occasional breakout tonight with the welding cable in the 
>tank circuit.  This is still with the current at minimum setting.  I 
>only have 15 amp fuses in my control disco box so max gross draw is 
>less than that.  That tip for the moveable secondary tap does pay off.
>Rumaged through one of my junk boxes and came up with a heavier spring
>to boot.  The rotary is not going to happen real soon.  I have to live
>with the static gaps for a while yet.  On a more personal note, I'm
>having a ball playing with this thing.....


I agree, it is fun.  When I was spending every weekend and night building
mine, my wife kept making noises about being a Tesla coil widow.

I found my AC amp meter and the current transformer at a local salvage place.
 I think I paid $10.00 for the meter and $5.00 for the transformer.  I did
need to relable the meter face to get the correct readings.   I know they
have more used current transformers.  If you let me know what you want, I can
take a look.

Ed Sonderman