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Quoting tchand-at-slip-dot-net (Tim Chandler):

> I was looking over the NEMA MW-1000 magnet wire specifications
> document, and I was wondering something.  

> What type build is the best to use???

> For example PHELPS DODGE Imideze has 4 different builds:

> (1)  Single Build           2850 V (Min. Breakdown Volts)
> (2)  Heavy Build            5125 V
> (3)  Triple Build           6850 V
> (4)  Quadruple Build        7310 V

> (Min. Breakdown voltage is for #22 AWG Copper [MW 16-C])

> I currently have enought of both, Heavy build and Triple build
> Imideze, to wind my 12" coil form, problem is which one to 
> use???

If it were me I would use the heavy build. You did not post the
actual thickness of the build, which probably would be more
helpful than breakdown voltage. Excessive insulation thickness
will affect the inductance per unit volume in the construction.

Richard Quick

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