Re: primary calculations

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>        I got side tracked tonight. I build my RQ gap out to 10 tubes and
>tried it in series and then 2 halves in parallel. I didn't see much
>improvement, so I may be power limited. Tomorrow night :) I'll try my 90 cfm
>blower on it to see if I can get it to quench quicker. If that doesn't work
>I'll pull a 10^-4 torr vacuum on it and see how long I can keep it on;)
>`                                       jim

If you built the cylindrical gaps as described in the ftp files, they work
great with neon sign transformers.  I built two and am quite happy with their
performance.  I have used them up to 12kv, 120ma with no problem.  I am using
one today electrically folded in half in series with my rotary.  The muffin
fan mounted on top really only helps to keep the gap cool and does remove
some copper ions that must be floating around.  I don't think it improves the
quench time much.  There is not enough air and it is flowing the wrong

If you built the RQ vacuum gap (as demonstrated in his video), I understand
they do work well with a strong vacuum.  I bulit one before I built my rotary
but could not stop it from arcing on the ends.  I had supported the copper
tubes by compressing them into some polyethyelene on each end.  I now
understand they need to be supported only in the center so the edges cannot
"leak" high voltage across some insulator.

Ed Sonderman