Re: Capacitor voltage rating

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>On Thu, 22 Feb 1996 tesla-at-grendel.objinc-dot-com wrote:
>> I agree.  I lost two of these.  One at 12kv and one at about 10kv.  What
>> voltage did yours fail at?  We need to get the instructions at the ftp
>> for building these modified to alert future builders as to the true
>> voltage.  I don't think they can be used above 9kv safely.
>> Chip Atkinson,  If we get a consensus on this, can someone modify those
>> files?
>> Thanks, Ed Sonderman
>I'm the tesla-admin of nic.funet.fi and thus if someone knows that there
>is false information on the files or has any other problems with the files
>on the site, I'll be glad to help. Any new material can be uploaded (put)
>to /pub/sci/electrical/tesla/incoming. Please do mail me description of
>any uploaded files - this is especially important on picture-files as each
>pic-file on the site should have a doc describing contents of the picture.. 
>Kristian Ukkonen

I do think we should add an addendum to the capacitor build instructions that
discusses voltage ratings.  Everytime someone blows one of these he has just
lost $80 to $100 and a lot of time.  I would like Richard Quick's opinion on

Ed Sonderman