Homemade Rolled Caps

> nikki-at-fastlane-dot-net (Bert Pool)
Talking about failed capacitors:

> You're not going to like this, but I was using 9,000 volt neon
> transformers  in parallel.  I must admit, though, that the 
> variac I was using was one that had the "tap" so that it put 
> out about 140 volts when cranked wide open (do we run our coils
> any other way? :)

The cleanliness of the construction must be factored in. Dirty
plates or dielectric don't hold up. Lint, dust, hairs, sanding
grit, towel fibers, etc., that infest a homemade capacitor will
drasticly reduce the voltage rating of the completed product.

I make sure that my capacitors are meticulously clean, to the
point of setting up a temporary "clean room" to assemble them.
If you roll your caps up on a carpet floor, they aren't worth
the effort rolling them.

Richard Quick

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