Primary interference

cc: tesla list


I have been thinking of ways to increase the Q of my primary.  Now I have the
coil mounted on a roll around wooden stand.  It is about 34" high.  Inside
and underneath the top platform, where the coil is mounted, I have a shelf
where the capacitor and gaps are mounted.  They are some distance down from
the top shelf because I wanted room to remove the rotary gap cover without
disconnecting everything.  I want to move this shelf up quite a ways to
shorten all the interconnection lengths.  If I have these components located
just about 12" directly under the primary am I going to create some
interference or cause some new problems?  Also, now I am using two pieces of
RG213 (in parallel) for all my interconnects and plan to change that to 3/8"
copper tubing.

Ed Sonderman