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Quoting Stephen Wassell <swassell-at-sv.span-dot-com>:

About primary coil conductors:

> Is there any reason not to just use heavy insulated wire, layed
> down in a tight, flat spiral? I remember seeing a similar thing
> on one of the funet photos. This would be easy to adjust - just
> add or remove a loop or two of wire from the spiral.

I have tried this but it is not a nice as a copper pipe or strap
primary. First, removing or adding turns by taking off and adding
in loops of wire creates a problem with off-axis inductance which
lowers the tank circuit efficiency. You can cut off and splice on
sections of wire to get around problem #1, but it looks bad and
the splices have a tendency to leak corona and are prone to
flashovers on the primary coil.

I don't think any reasonably priced wire is going to offer the
efficiency, ease of use, and good looks of a well constructed 
copper pipe or strap primary coil.

Richard Quick

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