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> First off, is there anyone in Wisconsin who is able to get 
> decent amounts of coiling supplies? I find very, very little 
> resources surrounding me (surplus shops, neon shops, etc.) 

See my parts/resources post that went out to the group today.

> Secondly, where is it that one gets this 60 or 90 mil 
> polyethylene for caps? I've run all over town, and the thickest
> stuff I can find is the 4 iml stuff that one uses to insulate 
> windows during winter.  Could I use this stuff or is it junk?

You can use the four mil stuff, but it takes forever to build a
decent cap because of the number of plates that must be used. The
heavier plastic can be ordered from any plastic specialty dealer
if the do not carry it in stock.

> Thirdly, how does everyone make their primary coils out of 
> copper tubing?  I just got a length of 1/4" copper tubing, and
> this stuff is absolutely rigid! I'll be lucky if I end up with
> a primary ID smaller than twenty feet... 

You bought the wrong type of copper. Soft copper tubing is sold
rolled up in flat boxes in lengths of 25, 50, 100 feet. Ask at
the hardware counter for refrigerator tubing or soft copper
tubing of the type used to plumb ice makers in refrigerators.
This grade is quite bendable.

Take your existing copper length and use it somewhere else.

> And the last question:  Does a salt-water cap REALLY work?  
> I've made about ten of them out of jam jars, and so far, with a
> 15-30 neon Xfrmr, I've shattered three of the jars and the rest
> don't seem to affect my primary in any way whatsoever!

15kvac is a little rough for the beginner. You would be better
off starting with 12kvac transformers until you get over the
rough spots. 

Yes, salt water caps do work. You need to change the type of
glass you are using. Generally glass bottles intended for use
with carbonated liquids are a little heavier and higher quality.
One gallon cider bottled set in buckets can be used as they are a
little thicker.

Good luck, and don't get discouraged.

Richard Quick
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