Re: Condenser Products capacitor performance

Hi Mark Barton:

> Your performance is excellent for 1300 watts.  Did you
> actually measure the input power to be sure
> of the efficiency you're getting?  Don't just take the
> transformer nameplate's word for it.  I await
> the result of your capacitor/primary experiments to come.
> Congratulations again on a job well done!
> Zap,
> Mark
> =========================================================================
> >
> >After making several runs with smaller toroids and trying different coupling heights, I have
> >gotten as much as 4.5' discharges to a ground point.

Hi Mark,

Thank you for the compliment.  It wasn't much, but the results did surprise me.

I did measure the current draw on the primary side.  It fluctuates between 16 and 18 amps at 120 
VAC, which is 1920 and 2160 VA.  That is of course only the input and doesn't take into account 
power factor.  I don't have a method of checking the HV side of the transformer at my disposal.  
Knowing the power factor of a neon transformer would help here.  I have heard it is close to 50%, 
but that can't be right.  If it were, I would be getting the 4.5' sparks with a mere 960 to 1080 
VA.  That would be amazing, but I don't think it is reality.

I am going to try some of those other experiments that I posted earlier this weekend.

Scott Myers