Re: Condenser Products capacitor

Hello Jim Fosse,

> Great job, I'm waiting for a catalog and specs on your caps from
> Condenser Products.

My exact capcitor is:

Model TC253-34-300*
*note - The units that I ordered from Condenser Products have one modification.  The connection 
stud is one size oversize.  The standard is 3/8".  The ones I ordered were shipped with 1/2".  
This was to increase current capability and increase Q that tiny little bit more.

> What type of homebrew caps were you using before? and what size of
> discharges did you get with them?

The units I was using before were plate style capacitors made with HD polyethylene and heavy duty 
Aluminum Foil.  They worked very well, but I only had a maximum of .001 uF capacitance.  I hadn't 
built one for in excess of 10,000 VAC.  So, the voltage I was running was a mere 6000 and 9000 
VAC.  The longest sparks with this system was 2.5'.  But that was with less than 1000 VA input.  
I just didn't have enough capacitance to load my coils with enough terminal capacitance to get 
where I wanted to be.  I didn't have the time to build more of the plate style capacitors.  It 
EATS the time making them.  I had the material (and still do), but decided that for the price, 
you can't beat a commercial unit.  It is not cheap to make a homebrew unit.  It costs at least 
half as much as buying a commercially made unit.  If you factor in the time you spend, it is 
actually cheaper to buy them.

Scott Myers