Re: Tesla Coil Caps

matthew klueppel wrote:

> What type of wire did you use for the interconnects in the
> tesla circuit.  For example the wire supplying power from the Neon to
> the safety circuit and to the capcitor should be of what type.  And
> also the wire from the capacitor to the primary coil should be of what
> type.  I don't believe I have seen this spec'd anywhere so I would
> appreciate your help.

The wire that I use from the primary to the capacitor(s) to the spark gap is large.  The larger, 
the better, within reason.  I have personally been using 4 or 6 gauge THHN.  The reason, of 
courese, is to keep the Q high.  When reason to keep it large between the caps and the spark gap 
is the pulse from the caps is very high in amperage.

The wire I use from the spark gaps to through the filter circuit to the transformer is small.  
The current here is low.  I believe the wire I have used is 22 gauge solid hook-up wire.

I can't personally say if these are the best choices, I haven't tried them all.  But I can tell 
you that it works well.

Scott Myers