Formless Seconday

I have just finished building a couple of scaled down versions of a tesla
secondary. I used a cardboard tube covered with a couple layers of paper
towel, then wrapped with a couple layers of mylar. I then wound the coil over
 this, and coated one with polyeurethane, one with varnish. each with 6
I wound the top like normal, that is the last few turns are spaced out quite
bit, with lots of space between the turns. That would show me how strong
the coating is by itself. After drying I then slid the parer tube form out,
removed the paper towel, then peeled the mylar sheet out from the inside. It
seemed like they were pretty strong. I then changed my winding jig adapter so
that I could coat the inside of the coils with 5 coats. Now it is quite
strong. Of course not as strong as a pvc
or other tube. For a full scale version of this I think I will use sonotube
cut into 4 quarters and taped back togeather from the inside. With no paper
towel, just mylar covering. When done, I will break apart the sonotube from
the inside and then remoove the mylar.I am now pondering the attachment of
the torroid and base.
I was thinking of epoxying something to the top and bottom. Instead of
out a section of the bottom for gnd attachment, maybe incorporating something
as I am coating. Still thinking on this. I also am considering maybe just
a 4 small dia acrylic rods inside the tube, epoxyed the length, from top to
 You could then plug this into a circle (each with 4 holes) on the top and
for coil base and torroid holding. Would the rods shoot down the whole reason
attempting this? (less dissapation factor)

What is the dissapation factor of polyeurathane, varnish, epoxy and behr 50.
Since this is now my form, it is an important factor now isn't it?
Which one is stronger, what are the +- of each?
I am a test systems PCB designer in the testing lab at Delco Electronics for
vehicle instrument clusters, I can test the strength but do not know how to
dissapation factor. (we can test about everything imaginable, we have
microscopes, test chambers of all types,emc, emr,sound,&light rooms,finding
out somthing new every day)

Input from anyone is greatly appreaciated.

                               Kevin M. Conkey

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.