Cap Selection

Thankyou Scott & Richard for your response to me. I have been working in the
so long by myself, it is great to bounce ideas off other people. I can't tell
you how
 many different kinds of caps that I have built over the years. Most died a
death! I found about Condenser Products and ordered a .1uf 15kv cap about 4-5
years ago and have loved it. When I came across this group I thought I might
some of your cap building hints. Now I am convinced to order is the way to
I was considering getting 2 .05uf 25kv caps. that way I could use them in
or parrallel to get different values in the future. I would like to explore
the balanced
primary design, too. In addition I have several xray xfmrs 100&120kv-at-200ma.
Maybe I could put the caps in series to form a .025uf 50kv for use with
(only powering 1/2 leg of xfmr pri for 50kv out) With those 2 caps I could
hit a
few stones with a couple birds. What do you guys think?

I am now prepared to jump to another level. I have a new house now. It has a
building in the backyard that is 760 sq ft. My wife has claimed the front
(1/2 for my car) and most of the house (execpt my computer room), so the fort
is mine!! Rule #1, no women allowed, only Tesla work and other high powered
stuff. It has got a 240v 20a service from the house. It seemed to me that as
part of
my baseline equiptment I should have more power. I am now getting a 240v 100a
line run straight to it from Edison.
Question: Will that be enough, or should I opt for more?
The hookup is free and it will only cost me a minimum $10/month service fee
 electric used).I just have to provide a meter housing and conduit to the
roof. My next
step (I am in the process of)is finding a  pole or pt xfmr. If I get a deal
or get one free
will be the determining factor as to what power level I get. Question: Am I
right in
thinking that I can not plan on a big one and throttling back on it, because
you must
have a certain amount of power running through it for it to work at all? Is
there a
certain percentage range of power that a particular xfmr can be used for? It
help me in determining which way to go if I am in a certain situation of

I have a couple of other thoughts that I would like to bounce off of
everyone. I will
post them separately.

                                        Kevin M. Conkey

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.