Rotary Sparkgap

 have seen recently that it is preferred to have a high rpm spark gap. How
breaks per second does a 7500 or 10000 rpm motor usually make? I have build
but not implemented yet, one based on a 24V 1HP DC motor (about 1ft dia 1.5ft
long, strong!). I have atttached a 18" diameter FR4 (flame retardent G10
3/4" thick disc. I have placed 16 1.25" long tungston rods about 1" in from
the edge
and secured them with screws and loctite. I then have on the outside of this
tungston rods imbedded in heatsinks that are moveable for adjustment of
length. this spins at 2000 RPM (low speed, lots of mass though!) This gives
me 533
breaks per sec.
Is this enough?
All I have had to go on are books about tesla and patent wrappers and such.
The ones I see Tesla use seem to be attached to a combination xfmr/motor (in
Should I work on this gap, or work on something better that you guys have

                                          Kevin M. Conkey

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