Re: Welder replacement

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>Subject: Re: Welder replacement
>How would you determine what size welder to use with a particular sized
>                                         Kevin M. Conkey


I am using a 5kva 14,400 volt pole pig.  My first goal was to limit the
pirmary current to something that I could control for testing - like about 10
amps.  I used a Miller Thunderbolt arc welder with the secondary (welding
leads) shorted.  I was easily able to dial it down to get the 10 amps I was
looking for.  The next goal was to be able to get the maximum current up to
about 35 to 40 amps.  It will do this with three 2000 watt oven elements in
parallel with the welder primary.

How you determine what size welder to use, I don't know without doing some
testing.  We did conclude that a variable inductor to replace the welder
should have a range of about 5mh to 25 mh.

Ed Sonderman