Various: transformers, 'salted' grounds, ferrites

Sundry ramblings:

My understanding is that usual power co practice is to leave 'pigs
installed untill they get outgrown.  (If you see one with its little
red light on, that means its overtemp & thinks it should be replaced.

The recognition of 'the pcb situation' has lead to to counterposing
	Leave them alone.  As long as they are on the pole & working,
	they are no threat.

	There MAY be a 'deadline' to get all the PCB ones out of service.

I dunno about 'coiling freqs' (say 200Khz & down), but at higher
freqs, the different ferrites have different responses and

In the conventional world of EMI reduction (where i sometimes get paid...)
simply plunking a choke in line can be ineffective, in many cases, as the
'hash' will radiate 'around' the choke.  Off hand, i would expect in
line chokes to be most effective at 'coling freqs' (keeping the coil
freq out of the transformer...) while they might well NOT be effective
at 'vhf' (keeping the 'strays' out of the TV set (or the neigbors tv or...).

grounds/'salting' ground.  It might be instructive to try some alternates.
Copper Suplahte maybe 'most effective' but there may be some 'almosts'
out there, that might be more benign.  EG: Ammonium Nitrate (is a fertilizer
anyway) and is somewhat 'water soluble'.  Olde telegraph & wirelss texts
speak of using 'a load of coke' to improve grounds, including, specifically
lighting rod grounds (same range of freqs...).  A couple bags of charcoal
briquettes, perhaps...

Just some thoughts...