Taking Photos

Hi All,

With my recent successes with input power vs spark length, I feel it is 
important for me to get some photos out to show these results.  I don't 
want anyone scoffing.  Today, I exceeded 5' with the same 1350 VA input. 
 I simply loaded it with a larger toroid, re-adjusted the coupling 
height and retuned.  And bang!  It is still not perfect though.  I 
noticed I was getting some splitting on the secondary.  I need to work 
this out yet.  A little more tuning and adjusting of coupling height is 
in order.

I need to take some photos of my coil in action.  I have heard some say 
that 400 ASA film with a 1 second exposure works well.  I have a small 
problem.  I don't have a great camera that I can just set the shutter 
time on.  I do have a camera that I can change the film speed in.  So, 
should I use 400 ASA film and set the shutter for 100 ASA film?  I'm 
sure someone has some experience in this area.  I could use any tips 
anyone can give.  I'm certainly no photographer.

Scott Myers