Re: Procedures in Experimental Physics.

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> Subject: Procedures in Experimental Physics.
> I've heard alot about this book lately, so I decided to call the local
> book store to see how much they wanted for Procedures in Experimental
> Physics.  It consists of two volumes, price they pay:  $600
> They said it was being published by Gordon Press, not Lindsay Publishing,
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Too bad!  I have the book as published by Lindsey which was on the order 
of $25.00 in paper back and found an original hard back copy in good 
condition at a local "hole in the wall" used bookshop for $10.00.

This is one of the most useful of all my books!  It is shunned today as 
it shows how to actually do things.  Unfortunately many of the chemicals 
and other materials used are verbotten for us US citizens to purchase.

Odd though, I have a current (one week old) Lindsey catalog and here it 
is offered for sale for $24.95 as selection #4562!!  You can only obtain 
Lindsey's books from Lindsey he doesn't distribute to book sellers!!!
(815) 935-5353.  Have your Master Card ready when you call.  

I didn't think he would ever let this one go out of print!!!!  It's just 
too damned valuable.

Good luck on securing a copy.

Richard Hull, TCBOR