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<< Take it to the freenrg list run by Bill Beaty or to USA-TESLA, not here.
 Stuff like scalar waves/free energy/starved chikens in a triangle have
 this way of vomiting out...  There are other lists for that stuff, this is
 Tesla coils only and should be kept directly upon theories based in
 reality.  TTYL! >>

mmmm....... now there's an open minded and inquiring scientific perspective!
 Assuming that "scalar wave" theory is not based "in reality" implies that
the author has an unequivocal handle on what is "real" and what is not and
that there is nothing else new or usefully to discover or theorize about in
the nature of "reality."  Since it is apparently known why these "waves" are
not real and cannot exist, perhaps you would be willing to enlighten us about
this topic?

I might also suggest that there seems to be some evidence that high power
disruptive Tesla coil output produces some interesting and rather anomalous
artifacts which may (just possibly) be explained by new and unusual theories
(fringe or otherwise).  Therefore, this is, in my humble opinion, precisely
one of the many categories of things that *should* be discussed on this list
as it is "directly" related to Tesla coiling.

"There are more things than this that men have in their philosophy, Horatio."
Shakespeare; a paraphrase.