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> Hi Richard all,
>                  This part of your reply caught my eye...
> >  A SQUID (super conducting quantum interference device) has been used to
> > measure micro guass fields in charging capacitor dielectrics and no
> > magnetic field has been detected. (D.F. Bartlett 1990 American Journal of
> > Physics)  There goes the B component of Maxwell's displacement current!!
> I would have thought that in the dielectric itself there is
> essentially no current flow. Torsion yes, stress etc. but not
> conductive current flow. Wouldn't current flow be a requirement
> for the generation of a magnetic field? How thick was the dielectric
> tested?
> Malcolm


This is another area of intense study here in Richmond.  It is logical, 
based on experiment, to assume current flow in the dielectric.  Think!  
Given... DC power supply,  two ammeters,  one discharged cap.  place the 
meters on each side of a cap and in series with the DC supply.  As the 
cap charges both meters deflect upwards and then taper off to zero.  Real 
cuurent has flowed in both metal wires. Real magnetic fields have 
expanded around the metallic conductors.  Way back when, Maxwell had a 
real problem with the capacitor idea and from the natural assumption that 
the current had to also flow through the capacitor dielectric in some 
manner, he proposed a magic thing called a "displacement current" and he 
rigged it up in equations to match all his other stuff.  He really had a 
problem with the magnetic field within the dielectric though and actually 
admitted that he was unsure about it!

In modern times it was taught that there was obviously an associated 
magnetic field with the dielectric along with the displacement current.  
In the recent past, however, several scholarly attempts have been made to 
detect this current's magnetic field.  All attempts, even with the SQUID 
have failed miserably!  This has not freaked the physicists out.  For 
they have mathematics and can null this field out with the magic of 
assumption and good math skills.  D.F. Bartlett, one of the latest to do 
go experimental work in the area as opted for a conduction current ala 
Ampere and a separate charging current all are within the dielectric 
flowing at the same instant in time but in opposite directions.  Thus, a 
totally cancelled magnetic field.  This has held back the tide of 
accrimonious cries from other physicists, but now we have instantaneous 
action at a distance problems.  Physicists would rather die than discuss 
action at a distance relationships.  The speed of light is "it" with 
them!  Just as the speed of sound was "it" for moving bodies in the 19th 

It is fairly obvious, from experiment that; 1. there is no magnetic field 
generated within a current transporting dielectric medium. 2. That the 
knowledge associated with the electrostatic dielectric medium is just not 
up to a level of understanding commensurate with other studies in 

Your question remains somewhat open.

Richard Hull, TCBOR