Re: secondary coil insulation

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> Date: Mon, 05 Aug 1996 22:58:44 -0700
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> Subject: Re: secondary coil insulation
> . I was thinking about useing epoxy resin as
> > a coating. Am I barking up the wrong tree?
> >
> >  I suggest a product that you can find in the paint and varnish section
> >  of your hardware store.  It's Behr Super Gloss Build 50, which is a two
> >  part water clear coating.  It smells like epoxy as I recall,
> One coating I would not recommend is marine tex (which is very
> expensive).  I used it for my first coil and it dried pretty fast
> which made the surface kind of unique...  It also had a small
> stainless steel bowl mounted upside down on the top as the electrode.
> My boss found out that I had built it, and since we were doing a trade
> show for a new power IC fab process combining bipolar and TMOS but had
> no real products yet, he ordered me to bring the TC so that we could
> at least cause alot of noise and get some attention.
> The TC was the hit of the show, but I will never forget the comments
> of two women that walked by.  They were talking very loud and I
> overheard them say "Look at that phallic thing!!"  It had never
> occurred to me but it did look just like the real thing.  Was kind of
> embarrassed yet somewhat satisfied in all the hoopla.
> Also, the operation of the TC caused a rival computer company's
> flagship machine to constantly crash and need a 15min reboot, much to
> the delight of my boss.  We kept saying:  "well if you didn't build
> such cheapo computers..."
> Also, I remember that marine tex made a mechanically indestructable
> layer, as you could hit it with a hammer, and it wouldn't even dent.
> Rob.

  Thanks for responding to my request for info. I think I've just about 
made my mind up to use a two part epoxy.