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> Subject: Acknowledgements
> Hi fellow TeslaListians,
>                          I wish to publicly thank Rchard Quick for his
> trouble in rounding up for me and sending me a list of essential
> reading for any coiler. I am about to comb the depths to find out how
> this obsession started (and reinforce it :). I have had a brief look
> through the titles in the box and couldn't resist a quick peek at
> Richard Hull's Guide To The Colorado Springs Notes. The pictures are
> magnificent! and I'm looking forward very much to reading an up to
> date, informed thesis on the Notes. But I have a serious problem
> looming for the weekend - to read or to coil, that is the question!!
> Regards all,
> Malcolm


Read, coil, read, make love, coil, read.....  Anytime left over?.....  
Start list from top again.  OOOPS... Save a few moments for eating, and 
bathing too!

Richard Hull, TCBOR