Re: dry plate cap (was Big tc article)

Tesla List wrote:
> >From chip-at-poodle.pupman-dot-comTue Aug  6 21:37:02 1996
ake a plate cap with glass and Al foil, it's just that they are
> lossy and prone to failure.  When they fail, the glass shatters and goes
> everywhere. (See the safety sheet :-))  One idea that occurs to me is to
> use something like vaseline that's fairly clear and stiff.  You could
> surround the foil plates with it to supress corona.
> Chip

I said this once before.  The glass they talk about from the fien de 
seicle  is not the same as the glass you  buy in 1996.  Its not fair 
at all to compare the two.  I don't know where you could buy real 
electrical quality glass in sheets, however. Like anything else you 
buy today on the cheap, expect it to be made in China by people who 
have no incentive for any quality-  I'm sure the opposite is true if 
they are manuf. it in some labor camp.