Results vs coil size

Hi out there,
              I changed the subject heading after reading Ed's 

> Using 12,000 volts at 120 ma (about twice your power) I had about
> 50" discharges.  Now using a 5kva pole pig I can only get 80"
> discharges, even with the pig cranked up to 7 or 8 kva.  I think
> it is a function of the physical properties of the coil.  With a
> particular coil geometry, I think as you steadily increase input
> power, you finally reach a point of diminishing returns where more
> power in provides little increase in secondary discharges.
> I think if I went from the present 6.0" dia secondary up to 8.0"
> or 10.0", at the same power level, I would see a large increase in
> discharge length. Ed Sonderman

I've seen the photo of your coil Ed. Have you thought about using a 
terminal with a much larger radius of curvature? (Note : this is NOT 
defined by the major toroid diameter but by the tube diameter).