Re: TC primary wiring

...BIG SNIP...
>I have never heard of a coiler blowing up a pole pig!  Nuff said!
>A pole pig can easily blow up a coiler, however.  These items are very 
>dangerous and it worries me mightily that many rank novices are trying to 
>acquire these things.  I believe we will yet see a death from this "rush 
>to power".  Yes, it could even be me.  Conferred degrees, years of 
>experience and long time utilization will not warrant one proof against 
>accidental destruction by one of these monsters.
>You could also be hit by a bus though.  
>Richard Hull, TCBOR

I have just aquired a pole pig, and the thing scares me.  So does my small
coil powered by two neon transformers.   I believe that a belt from a fully
charged cap could be fatal.

So any info on safety would be good, not only for me but the rest of the

Where is this 'Safety FAQ'?

Also I will be donating my small coil to a science museum as a working
exhibit.   Any saftey tips as to how this exhibit could be setup without
endangering the public would be great.  

Thank you 
Julian Green

[ I'll send it out tonight.  It's good you should be scared.  You're bringing
  the power lines into your house! -- Chip ]