Re: EMF Problems?

Hi Kevin, all,

> My cousin, who recently has gone through bone marrow transplant
> for blood cancer, was asking me if being in an intence rf field
> around large Tesla coils could cause any harm?  I said that I never
> even thought about it. I am not refering to XRAY or light
> emissions. Does anyone out there know about the effects of RF
> fields and the human body?

To the best of my knowledge, low and medium frequency RF is not 
capable of disrupting/ionizing cellular material. However, there
is a most interesting slant on this that has been featured in two
editions of the British publication "Electronics World and Wireless 
World". Some research (far from definitve as yet) suggests that
the fields may be concentrating ionic particles that are themselves 
radioactive e.g. ionized radon gas in the vicinity of fairly strong 
em fields around powerlines. There was recently a television feature
in this country which drew on the same sources as these articles.

All I currently know,